Why Pick Our Free Screen Grabber?

Screenshot Anything on Screen

This free screenshot capture tool lets you capture anything visible on your computer screen. Whether it’s a video frame, web page, gameplay, application window, menu, or more, you can get what you see in high quality. You can create snapshots from both full screen or selected regions.

One-Click to Screenshot

This free online app doesn’t require you to register before starting capturing screenshots. By simply clicking the camera-like icon on its main page or Ctrl+D on your keyboard, you can take screenshots with no delays.

Annotate Your Screenshots

This free screenshot tool offers an array of different editing features for you to annotate the screenshots before saving or sharing them. You can polish or annotate the images by adding texts, lines, circles, drawings, highlights and so on. With these editing functions, it’s easy to add illustrations to screenshots for an overall better effect without turning to other tools.

Save and Share Screenshots Freely

After you have taken and edited the screenshots, you can save them in multiple formats, including PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and PDF. In this way, you will be able to share them screenshots on any platforms. Moreover, you can also send the snapshots as attachments to family or friends via Email immediately.

Completely Free to Use

Enjoy unlimited free screenshot capture without cost without any personal info provided! Our free screen grabber offers free and unlimited access to its capturing features, ensuring you can capture as much content as you need without restrictions or limitations.

Get More Features with Desktop Screen Capture

Aqua Demo, the premium desktop version of our free screen grabber online tool, offers additional and impressive features to elevate your video recordings.
  • Capture scrolling window screenshots to save the entire page that includes the content you need.
  • Easily record your computer activities to high quality videos in MP4, WMV, MOV, WebM, etc. formats.
  • Recod audio, webcam, gameplay, Window and mobile phone screen.
  • Schedule recording tasks by setting start and end times for automatic screen capture.
  • Real-time annotations highlight essential details, like shapes, texts, arrows, lines, and more

Elevate your screen capturing and recording with Aqua Demo. It provides top-notch features for capturing and editing recordings, instantly enhancing your content.

Download Aqua Demo

Mac OS
Android OS

Latest Version – 1.2.1 | Release Date: 03 Jan 2024

  • Free from Viruses, Spam and Ads
  • Immediate Private Sharing
  • 56,73,526 Downloads & Counting

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This free online screenshot program is a quite handy one as it’s clear how to take a screenshot. You don’t need to learn. You just click and you get what you want. Thanks for developing such a great free tool!

Effortless and efficient! I love how this screen grabber simplifies capturing images from my screen. Its intuitive design makes it a breeze, saving me valuable time on every capture. Whether for presentations or personal use, it’s a must-have tool!

Wow! This screen grabber’s quality and simplicity blew me away. Its seamless integration with my workflow makes it indispensable. Whether I’m snagging screenshots for work or personal projects, it delivers exceptional results every time. Kudos to the developers for such a fantastic, free tool!

Incredible tool! I’ve tried many screen grabbers, but this one stands out for its user-friendly interface and lightning-fast performance. The ability to capture screenshots with just a few clicks is a game-changer for me. Plus, it’s free! I can’t imagine working without it now.

It looks like it’s a quite simple tool. However, it’s not as simple as it shows. There are many useful functions that can fulfill all your screen capturing needs. It’s a great free program for taking screenshots with editing features.

What is a free screenshot tool?

A free screenshot tool is a desktop software or online service that enables users to take snapshots of their computer screens. Generally, these screenshot tools offer diverse functionalities, including annotation, editing, and sharing capabilities.

Is the online screen grabber completely free to use?

Yes, the online screen grabber is entirely free to utilize. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees. You can capture the screenshot you need without any cost.

Can I use the screenshot tool on Mac?

Absolutely! The online tool is available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices as long as there is internet connection and a web browser. You can take snapshots effortlessly using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Does the screenshot grabber require any software installation?

No, you don’t need to install any software. However, it’s required to download a small launcher to initiate the app the first time you use it. After that, you can capture anything visible on your computer screen, including presentations, tutorials, gameplay, video calls, and more. The screen recorder can capture it all, whether for work, education, or entertainment.

Can I customize the keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can. The default keyboard shortcut for screenshot is Ctrl+D. But you can customize it from the settings to enhance your workflow efficiency.

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