End User License Agreement of AceThinker

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LICENSES: Shareware

NOTE: Read this information carefully to have a better understanding.

When you install this software, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this legal agreement between you (the end-user) and the program developer (AceThinker), with regards to the use of AceThinker tools/products/program/software.


This product is under the protection of copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and also other intellectual property laws and treaties. This is a licensed SOFTWARE PRODUCT, and not for sale. Meaning, you acquire rights for usage as labeled in the product’s Terms & Conditions, but you lack the right of ownership of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Your SOFTWARE License can be terminated by us, eliminating all rights to use the product, if you fail to comply with these terms.


With respect to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, this End-User License Agreement (EULA) grants you the following rights:

Once you register, you are given a personal, revocable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to install and activate the PROGRAM on one computer alone for non-commercial and personal use, except you buy the commercial license from the developer (AceThinker). Expect you have purchased a MULTI-USER License from AceThinker, you are not allowed to make this Software available for use on any network or give the software to different users.


AceThinker or its suppliers own all copyrights and title in and to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT (which includes but not limited to any animations, images, photographs, music, audio, text and video incorporated into the SOFTWARE), any copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, as well as any printed materials that come with the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is under the protection of copyright laws and international treaties. Thus, this SOFTWARE PRODUCT must be treated the same way as any material or products under copyright protection and may not conceal or remove any proprietary labels, marks, or notices from the Software.


You may not, and you may not give others the permission to (i) decode, decrypt, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or use any method to obtain source code from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT object code portions, with the exception of and only to the extent that you are permitted by applicable laws to execute such activity notwithstanding the following limitations, (ii) alter, distribute, or create derivative works of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT; (iii) copy (only one back-up copy), publicly display, transmit, distribute, rent, lease, sale or exploit the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.



Reproducing and distributing AceThinker (only the evaluation copy) in different Cover CDs published by associated magazines are permitted. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to send a copy of the magazine with the CD to AceThinker.


The license for this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is effective until it is terminated. As a user, you may terminate this license any time you want by destroying the SOFTWARE with all the copies/materials that come with it. Failure to comply with the terms or conditions in this legal agreement will also lead to the termination of your license. When this happens, you agree to destroy the software and all material or copies that come with the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.


The developer (AceThinker) completely refutes any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Thus, there is no warranty (either implied or express, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a specific purpose) for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and any associated documentation. You bear the risk alone that may occur from using this SOFTWARE PRODUCT.


If any provision of this legal agreement is declared void or invalid by statute or judicial decision, then the parties accept that any other provision that is not declared void or invalid will remain in full effect and force.


AceThinker or its suppliers shall not be held accountable in the event of any damages of any kind (which includes but not limited to damages for loss of business information, business interruption, business profits, or any financial loss) that may arise from the use of AceThinker Products, even if the developer (AceThinker) has been advised of the possible occurrence of such damages.


1. You are not permitted by AceThinker to use AceThinker Product to do anything that’s in violation of your local laws. You and you alone shall take full responsibility and bear the consequence if you use AceThinker Products to execute any illegal activity. Please, do not install our SOFTWARE PRODUCT or use it if you cannot agree to this.
2. We leave the final interpretation to our discretion. You can reach us at https://www.acethinker.net/support/contact-us if you have any questions about this End-User License Agreement, or if you want to contact us for reasons known to you.


AceThinker can modify this agreement without notifying users based on the change of related regulation, law, and business strategy. We will release the revised version of this agreement on our website. Please, you can terminate usage of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT if you do not accept the terms of this agreement; your continued use of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT means you agree with all the terms in this agreement.

AceThinker holds the right to make the final revision and interpretation of these agreements or the terms in this agreement to the maximum extent acceptable by law.

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