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AceThinker honors every client and is committed to offering its clients a pleasant experience when they use AceThinker services and products. The majority of AceThinker programs come with a free trial, so clients can try and test it before actually buying it. Generally, there is only a watermark showing up on the output media in the trial editions or there are some usage limits. All these options let consumers make better buying decisions and avoid making bad purchases of useless products.

This trial system offered by AceThinker is the reason why the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for most of its programs. Money returns will be accepted only after meeting specific terms and conditions. If the product purchase isn’t covered by the stated money-back-guarantee period, no refund will be issued.

Due to the fact that data can be instantly recovered, the data recovery products, including Disk Recovery and iOS Data Recovery, are backed-up by only a 7-day guarantee.

Eligible Refund Occasions

Acethinker issues refunds in the following cases that fall within the money-back guarantee terms:

1.1 Non-technical Cases

1.1.1. Buying the EDS (Extended Download Service), RBS (Registration Backup service) or Download insurance service outside the program purchase without realizing that they can be erased. In this occasion, the company will help you ask the payment platform for a refund of the purchased item.

1.1.2. Exchanging the program will require from you that you buy the right one (after failing to provide it in the first place), and the original product cost will be refunded back to the user.

1.1.3. Purchasing the same item 2X or purchasing two products with equal characteristics. On this occasion, AceThinker will return the cost of one product or replace one of the two programs with another item.

1.1.4. The user hasn’t gotten a registration code in their email inbox within 24 hours after making a purchase or hasn’t gotten a code from Acethinker customer support. Likewise, if the user hasn’t gotten a prompt response by the customer service team of AceThinker after speaking with them, Acethinker will be able to reimburse the client.

1.1.5. If after a technical issue the client bought another software item from another company to complete their project. If this happens, the company will issue a full refund or exchange the product for something else.

1.2 Technical Issues

The program bought by the user has serious technical issues and the company hasn’t been able to solve the issue within 30 days. On this occasion, AceThinker will reimburse the client if they can’t wait for a future resolution.

Once the refund is complete, the product’s license will expire. Please uninstall the program from your device.

AceThinker will return the client’s funds back to their credit card, bank or Paypal account the client had used to pay for the product. Depending on the client’s bank status, money returns may take as long as 3 working days to be complete.

Bank refunds can only be credited to user accounts from Mexico or Spain banks. Acethinker won’t be able to offer any worldwide bank transfers as the banking options applies only to these two countries. If the clients confirm the transferred funds, they can choose an account from another country. Still, they will be able to send the funds back to their account in Spain or Mexico. This is why it is suggested that you choose another funding option such as Paypal, credit card or DineroMail.

No-Refund Occasions

AceThinker typically doesn’t issue any refunds or product returns in the following cases:

2.1 Non Technical Cases

2.1.1 Not checking the product information before buying the product which makes the user get disappointed with their purchase. It is very important that every user reads carefully the product info and test the free trial first before actually buying the product.

AceThinker doesn’t issue software refunds in cases where the purchases failed to read the uses and characteristics of the product. However, Acethinker will return the bought product for an equivalent in value, as long as the price difference isn’t less than $20 and falls within the guarantee period. If the bought product is swapped with another product that costs less, AceThinker won’t cover the price difference.

2.1.2 A client files a dispute or order complaint because of a stolen credit card or any other unauthorized transaction. This is why Acethinker encourages the client to call their credit card provider to report any unauthorized or fraudulent transaction. Due to the fact that Acethinker works with a third-party to process transactions, it’s not possible to track the authorization of each transaction. Once the system takes and processes the transaction, it can’t be reversed. However, AceThinker may offer another product in its place to the customer.

2.1.3. A refund dispute that states the user’s failure to obtain the registration code within 120 minutes after placing the order. Typically, once the system approved the order, it will send a registration code to the purchaser’s email within 1-2 hours. In some cases though, the message delivery may be postponed for later because of system glitches and problems like email spam settings, typos, etc. If this happens, clients should go to the Acethinker Support Center to recover their registration code. All user queries will be answered within a period of 24 hours.

2.1.4. The user has accidentally purchased the wrong product, after buying the right one from another company first.

2.1.5. There are price differences among different locations or price differences between Acethinker and other brands.

2.1.6. A refund inquiry for a part of the collection. Acethinker works with an external transaction platform that doesn’t cover any partial reimbursement from a single purchase. However, AceThinker itself may refund the entire pack after the client has bought the correct product within the period of the money-back guarantee.

2.2 Technical Cases

2.2.1 A refund inquiry as a result of technical problems, where the client rejects any cooperation with the Acethinker customer service and doesn’t share any thorough details and info regarding their issue. This also includes cases where the user rejects all the suggested solutions offered by the Acethinker customer service team.

2.2.2. A refund inquiry stating technical problems, after the program has been upgraded or the order surpasses the guarantee period.

2.2.3. When it comes to AceThinker Disk Recovery and iOS Data Recovery, sending any restored data back to the device add value to the product. If the user doesn’t do this, he/she won’t be entitled to a refund. The company though offers customer support in this case.

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